An ISO 9001:2008 & EMS 14001:2004 certified company, specializes in designing, manufacturing and marketing, industrial & automotive lubricants, process oils, transformer oils, greases and other specialties.

IPOL touches human lives every day in various forms through the products which cater to a spectrum of diverse industries.  IPOL has one of the widest ranges of products carefully designed to suit various applications & deliver high performances. These are available in a variety of pack sizes as per market needs. The products have several latest national & international performance specifications & approvals to their credit such as API, JASO, ACEA etc., other than OEM credentials. More Details


Distributors for:

⇒ Engine Oils
⇒ Hydraulic Oils
⇒ Gear Oils
⇒ Soluble Cutting Oils
⇒ Semi-synthetic Coolants
⇒ Neat Cutting Oils
⇒ Quenching Oils
⇒ Cleaners
⇒ Rust Preventives
⇒ Auto & Industrial Greases
⇒ Rubber Process Oils
⇒ Transformer Oils
⇒ White Oils
⇒ Specialties
⇒ Honing Oils