100% of products tested. Monitoring and traceability of all parts and products assembled during the manufacturing process. A close and mutually benefi cial partnership with DOSATRON's suppliers so as to ensure higher quality of purchased components. Visual and synthetic methods for monitoring production problems (Delays, Quality, Maintenance of equipment, Staff competence, etc.) in real time.

Dosing & Proportional Mixing Of Water - Soluble Oils etc.

Water-powered proportional dosing pumps

More than a technology, Dosatron is a solution for anyone who wants to accurately dose a liquid or soluble concentrated into water, acid for example, and prepare an 'aqueous solution', or even dose and mix other liquids.


Determine :1/ the Flowof your motor fluid; the water to be treated (in m3/h or l/h),

2/ the required Dosage of the concentrate to be injected (the %, ratio or injection flow in l/min or l/h),,

3/ the Options that will allow you to optimize the chemical compatibility and installation..